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Hello, I started off this post with a little inspiration. I woke up feeling really good about today, well of course it’s Saturday. I start my second semester in Naturopathy in a couple of days and I’m really looking forward to it, especially to my detox class…I need to be cleansed. I tried an exercise a while ago and really felt like it helped me get my thoughts together- It’s called “designing your goals properly”. Everybody has goals, big and small, if we didn’t have any, we would feel empty. It’s important to know exactly what those goals are, what do we really want. Knowing our goals gives us direction. If we don’t define our goals clearly we won’t be able to achieve them- because we don’t know exactly what it is we want. Not knowing what you want is the worst feeling, at least for me. This exercise made me realize that what I thought I had wanted, wasn’t really what I wanted. Here are the questions you need to ask (Have a friend ask you). Hope this can help you with achieving your goals.
First, define a goal in present tense and that is positive. If you define a goal for the future, it won’t happen today. Defining it positively is important because your unconsciousness doesn’t understand negatives. Ask for something you want…not for something you don’t wan’t. Example: “I am healthy” instead of “I don’t want to be sick”.
Second, the goal has to be specific and that can be measured
How would you know that you have achieved this goal?
Pretend that you have achieved this goal.
What do you see?
What do you hear?
How do you feel?
What thoughts come up?
Third, is this goal within your reach and responsibility?
Is there someone out there in your condition that can achieve this goal?
Is this goal in your control?
What will you do in order to achieve this goal?
Fourth, how will achieving this goal affect your life?
Imagine that you have achieved this goal.
How would achieving this goal affect all aspects of your life?
How would it affect your relations at work, with friends, other relationships and your health?
Have you lost something positive by achieving this goal?
Are there any conflicts?
How do you feel? Is it in correlation with your life?
Fifth, how important and exciting is achieving this goal to you on a scale from 0-100? (If it’s fewer than 90, it’s not that important to you)
I asked for green papers, at first I thought I would feel great, but then I felt empty. I started thinking about what I would do all day, would I still have goals? Would I be fulfilled? Will my relationships change? Will I loose aspiration and ambition? This goal is not important to me. It might be a  means but not a goal. I need to get my shit together and find another goal, I’m optimistic.

Hope I helped you, even if it was just a little